Innovations in personal health management.

Wellcase Emergency™ securely communicates critical health information clearly and accurately to first responders and medical professionals in emergency situations. Encounters with health care don't have to be fraught with stress and anxiety. You now have the ability to take charge and gain control of the most important aspect of your life — your personal well-being.

Learn how Wellcase Emergency™ can help you begin to take charge of your personal well-being.

Guided by Medical Professionals Familiar with Emergency Situations.

  • Our doctors and nurses use built in software systems to help prepare your emergency health information for it's most efficient use, when it is critically needed.
  • Your electronic health profile is created using universally established medical structures for easy use and interpretation.

24-7 Access to Your Emergency Health Information.

  • Use your encrypted, secure access code to review and edit your emergency health profile at any time.
  • Medical personnel can access and review your health information under your direction, as you see fit. Only you can perform edits.

Online Dashboard Allows Easy
Maintenance of Your Records.

  • You are in control of your personal health profile, adding and deleting every aspect as you see the need.
  • With minimal effort, upload detailed parts of your personal health history, from living wills to medical powers of attorney.